Within every woman resides a wild, creatively untamed, rebellious power that is abundant with primal instincts and a deep inner well of knowings, truth & eternal wisdom; she is the Wild Woman.

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Do you know yourself?


Do you feel connected to who you truly are?

To the essence of your being?

What would it feel like to know yourself on such a deep and visceral level, that no matter life circumstances, you have the innate power and ability to persevere with unshakable confidence and strength?

This is a retreat for your soul. To call upon the Wild Woman within you and embody the raw, primal, instinctive nature of her essence.


This experience is designed to assist you in connecting with the truth of who & what you truly are at a soul level. To connect more deeply with your body, mind, heart & soul. 


Our bodies are the result of over 200,000 years of evolution, adaptation and growth as a species. We are inhabiting highly intelligent vessels that are here to help us navigate our experience on Planet Earth.


We are made up of the same substances as the animals & plants that surrounds us. As we have become more detached from nature, we lose the connection to our bodies and our inner most selves.


Our body’s knowledge, wisdom and abilities are nearly limitless. There is a super highway of messages that are constantly being transmitted through us at any given moment. Are you tuned in? Are you listening? Your body is your guide, your compass to help you to evaluate, process and discern the many messages flowing through you.

You hold all of the wisdom you will ever need in this lifetime within your being.


When we practice living in a state of presence and connect with the natural rhythm of our body’s wisdom, we tap into the interconnectedness of all that is. In this heightened state of awareness, we have the ability to perceive the abundance of solutions and opportunities that are constantly surrounding us. 


The more connected you are to your vessel, the less you rely on the external world for validation. All of the truth that you seek, comes from the eternally wise sage that already resides within you. The more you connect with and embody this aspect of yourself, the easier it is to hear and trust the divinely inspired callings of your heart & soul.




Valene is a highly empathic soul, who lives an intuitively guided life directed by the freedom & truth seeking spirit of her Higher Self. Her soul’s mission is to connect with and embody the wild, rebellious, unapologetically authentic and fully expressed version of herself, to experience the truest expression of her soul & life’s purpose.

Valene shares a deep connection with nature, and her dedication to Earth Medicine practices since 2016 has helped her to heal her body, mind, emotions & spirit, as well as strengthening the connection to her intuition.

Transforming through many initiations & rites of passage, Valene has learned the importance of maintaining her spiritual practice in her journey of self mastery and aligning with her destiny. Following her deep inner wisdom has led her to take many leaps of faith into the unknown to pioneer a new path that’s aligned with her heart & soul’s passions.

With 12+ years of experience as a Photographer, Valene’s artistic expression has brought out her natural ability to see the highest potential embedded within the heart & soul of others. As someone who is incredibly observant, open and receptive to the magic & beauty found in the simplest moments, she’s increasingly become more adaptable and appreciative of the ever changing and evolving cycles of life.

As an Intuitive Soul Guide & Clairvoyant, it is Valene’s purpose and honor to hold sacred space for those who sense a deeper meaning and purpose in this life. Through her Vision Quest offerings, she guides and supports her clients through their inner healing & transformation, while simultaneously assisting her clients in discovering their deep inner truth, connecting with their intuition and trusting the divinely inspired callings of their heart & soul.

Valene’s goal is to help others cultivate unconditional love & acceptance within themselves, to recognize their fullest potential, and to ultimately help her clients feel 100% worthy, whole & complete in who they are and what they wish to create for themselves.

Susan has spent a majority of her lifetime connecting to the physical body through various modalities. With decades of experience in dance (classical ballet, jazz & tap), she is intimately familiar with utilizing the physical vessel to communicate, embody and express the spectrum of her human experience. This led to an interest in a more anatomical and physiological approach to the relationship between human and vessel. After acquiring many different skills through a variety of settings in the Western medical world over a ten year span, she ventured into the Complementary and Alternative Medicine of massage therapy. Over the last seven years, Susan has had an exponential deepening of her understanding of, and relationship to the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental bodies. These systems are intimately intertwined, each one effecting the entire web in its' totality; there is no separation. Her successful career as a massage therapist, paired with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding, paved the path towards an expansion into the energetic realm of Shamanic Reiki. Through light touch, hands on healing, a recalibration or attunement of energetic bodies can be achieved. Susan is currently embarking on her next adventure as a Breathwork Practitioner. There is an abundance of tools and skills available to facilitate and catalyze the reunion of the Self with its' bodies. Susan is honored, grateful and privileged to be the support and guidance you have chosen on this journey back to you.


you are highly motivated and committed to your inner work, personal growth & self development. 


you desire to connect with your innate power to communicate and fully express your deepest truths with unshakable confidence & authenticity.


you desire to live with more intention & presence.


you desire a deeper connection with your intuition & inner compass.


you’re ready and willing to look deeply within yourself and experience powerful internal shifts & transformations.


you desire to understand yourself on a deeper level, who you truly are & why you’re here.


Our intentions are to hold a safe & sacred space as we guide you through a series of activities, movements and practices, to assist you in deepening your connection with yourself.


Our mission is to empower you to trust in your deep inner knowings and follow your intuition in the direction of your heart & soul’s desires.

We are honored to be able to walk with you along this portion of your journey; to help you better understand the language of your body, trust in your deep inner knowings, and follow your intuition in the direction of your soul's desires. The more 'in tune' you are with your instrument, the better you will be able to utilize your abundance of capabilities.

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  • River Front

  • Botanical Gardens

  • Private Bedroom

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Connection with like minded souls

  • Comfortable Clothing (high 70* low 45*)

  • Shoes for Adventures

  • Yoga Mat

  • Bathing Suit

  • Toiletries

  • Sunscreen

  • Metaphysical Tools (optional)

  • Items to Release (optional)

  • Open Mind & Heart (required ;))


Join us in the Catskills of NY on June 4-6, 2021


Friday, June 4, 2021​

10:00 am Settle In & Mingle

11:00 am Introductions

11:30 am Medicine of Movement Workshop w/ Susan

1:00 pm Lunch

2:30 pm Learning The Language Of You Workshop w/ Susan

6:00 pm FREE TIME

7:00 pm Dinner

8:00 pm Bonfire

Saturday, June 5, 2021​

8:00 am Yoga & Meditation

9:00 am Breakfast

10:00 am Power of Surrender Workshops w/ Valene

1:00 pm Lunch

2:30 pm Earth Medicine Workshops w/ Valene

6:00 pm FREE TIME

7:00 pm Dinner

8:00 pm Wild Woman Warrior Ceremonial Bonfire

Sunday, June 6, 2021​

8:00 am Breakfast & Pack

9:00 am Integration

10:00 am Closing Ceremony

11:00 am Departure


Registration is now closed

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