Behind every photo lies a story worth capturing.

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a photographer with over 12+ years of experience.


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What people are saying

Valene is incredible. Our pictures are as authentic as they come - no uncomfortable posing or awkward moments. She let's you be you and captures it all. Thanks Valene for our incredible pictures!

- Katie DiCastro


I just wanted to give a BIG thanks to Valene for her AMAZING work.


Valene came in for an entire weekend retreat I was running to basically document the entire thing.


Her work was outstanding. Professional, VERY high quality, and most importantly, she was able to really tune into the overall energy of the group and beautifully capture the excitement, joy, and MAGIC experienced at the retreat. The way she would capture someone's genuine smile when their face lit up, or the way she would perfectly complement a group photo with the background of the colorful Sedona mountains,  or the way she would help people (me!) loosen up so she could get some good shots was very impressive and demonstrated her mastery in this field. 


Valene is one of those people that is doing exactly what she was put here to do and I am forever grateful that she was able to come share her gifts with me and everyone involved in the retreat.


Thanks again Valene!



Victor Oddo

Valene is a super talented photographer! Not only did she make us feel at home, but did such a great job at capturing the true soul of our relationship. We have never been photographed professionally before and didn't know what to expect. Valene made it so easy and so fun. It was like hanging out with a close friend who wanted to snap a few quick pics for prosperities sake.... except they were epic!!! With a few intuitive prompts and a keen eye for detail, Valene was able to position us physically and emotionally to capture the depths of the essence of our love. We both felt so incredibly comfortable which is quite a feat given the intimate nature of the session's goal. If you're ready to capture yourself with eyes beyond what you can imagine for yourself with ease and fun, then we both highly recommend working with Valene! Also, her personality is SO pleasant to be around thus adding to the comfort & fun level.


Priyanka Daisy & CC Rose


I am so beyond amazed by the talent of Valene. If you want AUTHENTIC and creative memories captured then message this beautiful soul! You will not be disappointed. 
So many thank you's for your stunning, talented work! I can't believe how effortlessly you captured all the love and happiness, I truly never thought that could be expressed in a photo!

- Ashley Rice