"The channeled reading I received from Valene was so powerful and spot-on!  She was able to clearly and accurately tune into my relationship dynamic and provide guidance on how to move through an energetic conflict that I am having with my partner.  She also gave me really beautiful guidance on how to move forward with my Soul Purpose and the next steps towards transitioning in my career.  As a result of her reading I feel very clear and empowered in moving forward with confidence in both my relationship and my purpose.  Absolutely everything that Valene channeled for me resonated so deeply, and she delivered her messages with gentleness and integrity.  She is a truly gifted soul!"

Amy Melissa                                      Saugeen Shores, Ontario, Canada

"Valene’s channeled messages helped me to see the ways in which I was holding myself back. She gave me insights that I knew about myself deep down. I received a lot of valuable information that confirmed my unique gifts and strengths and that I am on the right path. I am so grateful that she clarified that I am on the right path with my soul purpose. She is a very gifted reader with strong channeling abilities that are delivered with empathy and love."

Melanie Suraci                                              Vienna, Virginia, USA

"Valene's channelings & readings to me, gave me goosebumps. She pinpointed my most personal feelings and emotions. She is so loving when channeling and giving the messages from her spirits guides and mine. She me gave me the comfort and strength to continue, and that the decision I was taking, as scary as it might be, was the most loving decision for me. Valene is so beautifully gifted ♡"

Sabine El Hassan                                                   Paris, France

"I have had two readings with Valene and each time I have been blown away by the messages she receives. She was able to give me guidance about an upcoming trip and help affirm that going would be the right choice. She also has a great strength in tuning into the chakras and giving advice relating to what the chakras need in order to open more fully and thrive. Valene has a very positive energy that makes you feel instantly comfortable when connecting with her. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with her and would love to do so again in the future!"

Jessica Rose                                                Fairfax, Virginia, USA

"Valene's reading was very insightful. She was able to answer my question and made helpful suggestions. She's kind and was very patient with me. I would recommend her to anyone."

Georgia Fausther                                            Kapolei, Hawaii, USA

"Valene has an incredible authentic energy about her, It's like connecting with nature in the form of a soul sister! Because she has the ability to deeply remind you of your soul's alignment by using her intuition. In my Reading, Valene easily received the insights from Spirit that resonated with me and made so much sense! I definitely recommend Valene for a high vibe Reading!"

Jessica Reid - Creator of Gifted Experts                      Wellington, New Zealand

"The reading I received from Valene was so refreshing and spot on! She really was able to tap in and open my eyes up to things I knew deep down but needed to hear, it was so touching and heartfelt it brought me to tears. She delivered it in such a way that made me feel truly supported and was so loving. Not only did she give me information I needed clarity on she was able to give me ideas and ways to help me through these situations. She is so gifted and I’m so thankful I was able to connect with her!" 

Casey Stewart                                                      United States

"Valene is such an open, warm and friendly intuitive reader. I instantly felt calm, supported and heard in her presence, not only did she find out exactly what it was I needed to hear guidance on but we spent around 15 minutes connecting in a relaxed, meditative state which allowed me to really connect to how I was feeling and in turn this enabled Valene to tune in to my energy. Valene told me everything I needed to hear in terms of where I am in my life right now and also offered practical tools to take away with me and use on a daily basis. Highly recommend her readings."

Lily Beck                                                       United Kingdom


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