Do you remember who you were before the world told you who to be?

Sometimes we completely lose sight of who we truly are at our core and what we truly desire to do in this precious life.

Soul Revival Academy is a 5 week, go at your own pace journey inward to rediscover who you are at soul level, and cultivate trust within yourself as you chisel away all the layers of self doubt, shame, guilt and unworthiness that has held you back from becoming the highest potential version of yourself.


As you connect deeper with your innermost truth, you begin to build upon your confidence and innate power, which allows you to speak your truth with integrity and grace.

As you claim your authentic voice and release yourself from worries, anxiety and fear, you’ll develop stronger discernment and begin to fearlessly show up in every area of your life from a place of deep inner knowing and wisdom.


Speaking your deepest truth gives you the opportunity to be seen, heard and understood, gaining a deeper respect not only from others, but more importantly, from yourself.

I'm Valene

a highly sensitive empath, a clairvoyant & spiritual teacher. My healing journey began in late 2016 after a series of challenging events. Once I woke up to the volatile reality I had created for myself consisting of a tumultuous relationship, depression, alcohol dependency and addiction, I knew it was time to set out on a quest of seeking truth and clarity. Not long into my awakening, I began working with a Non Dual Kabbalistic Healer who helped me uncover childhood wounding that played a significant role in how I was experiencing life as an adult.

As my path to healing unfolded, I spent most of my time in nature connecting with the earth elements and my higher self. Through independent studies and following my intuition, I was divinely guided to discover the perfect resources at just the right time to further my growth and expansion.

In November 2017 I attended a life changing retreat in Joshua Tree, CA where I formed deep connections with like minded souls and began to unlock my psychic abilities through a series of ancient techniques. Upon returning home I started exploring moon magic, esoteric arts and the occult.

Throughout my journey I've worked with many teachers, mentors and healers, collecting knowledge and wisdom from all corners of the world. Over the last few years I've healed decades of shame, guilt, fear and unresolved traumas and emotions that I had carried with me since birth.

In the latter half of 2018, I practiced the art of letting go and released myself of everything that no longer served my highest path, which led me to embodying my true soul essence. Toward the end of 2018, my soul’s purpose began to emerge, bringing to light that if I had the power to change my life, I knew I could help others who are on a similar journey, to not have to struggle and figure out everything I’ve learned the hard way; and instead, discover the power within themselves to change their life and become the most authentic, fully expressed version of themselves too.

Since 2019, I've facilitated 2 Retreats with my best friend Bianca Johnson, helping others to heal through old wounds, traumas & limiting beliefs to experience more soul aligned lives & energetic freedom. I hosted a Psychic Abilities Retreat earlier this year & have plans to host more in the future; but right now I feel that the world needs access to this type of work, now more than ever, which is precisely why I've created the Soul Revival Academy so that I can spread every bit of knowledge and wisdom I've collected thus far along my path to help raise higher consciousness on our planet.

Are you ready to honor yourself and discover who you truly are & why you came here?

Are you ready to become the most authentic, fully expressed version of yourself

& create the reality your soul deeply craves?

The Soul Revival Academy Includes:


A series of videos, meditations & deeply insightful journaling prompts to assist you in combing through each & every area of your life, both internally & externally, to discover what's in alignment, what areas could use improvement & growth, and to ultimately re-member who you truly are at soul level & what you came here to do!


You'll also Receive:


Lifetime Access to all 5 Modules so that you can come back anytime to re-adjust & re-align!


Access to our Private Facebook Community, the Soul Revival Collective, where I'll be supporting you along your journey, and you'll have the beautiful opportunity to connect with like-minded souls on a similar journey!


Monthly LIVE Guidance Q&As for 6 consecutive months, where I'll be available to answer your questions & assist you in anything that may be blocking you, in real-time!

(Access to the Monthly Live Guidance Q&As will be available to opt-in beyond the 6 months for a small energetic fee)

Week 1


Exploring your internal landscape; the mind, body, soul connection & all the faculties that make up & influence your existence.

Learning about how to gain more self awareness within your everyday life, in order to create the change you desire.

Discovering which areas of your external reality are currently thriving, & which areas could use some extra TLC to manifest ultimate transformation.

Learning the importance of taking care of your own individual needs, what those needs are, & how to stop spreading yourself thin.

Week 2


Gaining awareness around the cycles that have created the same situations & patterns to repeat themselves throughout your life.

Discovering how trauma effects our physical health & well-being.

Learning the importance of healing traumas & old emotional wounds, and how to heal yourself.

Working with your Inner Child, to free yourself from the past.

Understanding the importance of forgiveness, and how forgiving yourself & others sets you free.

Week 3:


Discovering how your thoughts & beliefs create your reality.

Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs & the old stories that created those beliefs to begin with.

Learning how to re-write the past so that it no longer dictates your future.


Creating new, healthy & positive beliefs that will ultimately lead you to creating the reality your soul deeply craves.

Week 4


Learning how to set healthy boundaries so that you finally stop over giving to others, and start honoring your truth, your needs, & your authenticity.

Discovering the key to experiencing ultimate joy & happiness in your every day life.

Removing the blinders from what's holding you back, and creating empowered change in every area of your life.

Connecting with the highest potential version of yourself & seeing what's truly possible for you.

Week 5


Understanding the laws of the Universe & how to attract what you want.

Learning how simple forms of gratitude creates major impact in what you're capable of attracting.

Connecting with the most optimal & desired future timeline that your soul deeply craves.

Creating a step by step action plan to manifest your goals & dreams into physical reality, to experience the life you've always dreamt of living.

This is for you if:


You're ready & willing to journey inward and apply all of the teachings to your own life by taking consistent action & fully integrating all that you learn.

* Turn knowledge into wisdom*

This is not for you if:


You're not willing to put in consistent, hard work & dedication into your path to create the change that you desire.

You aren’t willing to look deep within yourself to find truth & clarity.

You don’t plan to integrate all of the information that you learn throughout this experience.



Who is this program for?

Anyone who is ready to connect more deeply with their authentic truth & soul essence, so that they can create powerful change & transformation in every area of their life from a space of confidence, empowerment & deep inner knowing, to experience the life their soul deeply craves.


Can men enroll, or is this designed just for women?

Men are absolutely welcome! I've created this program with the intention to serve all; no matter sex, race, status or religion.


Do I have to start on June 1st & complete this program within 5 weeks?

Nope! You may start anytime you'd like; this is an ongoing program.

And although I've labeled it as a "5 week program", essentially it's 5 modules that I personally would recommend breaking them up at least 1 week apart from one another.

So, if you're on a more accelerated path & want to complete each module back to back for 5 consecutive weeks, you have the freedom to do so.

If you're feeling called to work at a slower pace, honor that!

We're all on our own unique journey, so your pace will be unique to you!


Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not offered, because once you see & have this information, it cannot be undone. It's your responsibility to read through all of the details before purchasing this program.

If you have questions; please feel free to email me through the contact form located at the bottom of the home page, I'm happy to assist you!


Can I watch the videos & listen to the meditations anytime/as many times as I want to?

Yes! After purchase, this content is available to you for life. You can rewatch the videos at any time & as often as you'd like. All of the meditations & written resources are downloadable/printable for you to tuck away & use at your convenience. My intention is for you to succeed in your own time & at your own pace!


Can I share the program content with my friend?

No. When you are purchasing, you are buying the program for you & only you. It is illegal to share this content with anyone.


Will I be able to ask questions or interact with others who've enrolled into the Academy?

Yes! This is a part of the Academy that I'm so excited about. The Private Facebook Community will serve as a safe & sacred space to interact with others on a similar journey, share your experiences & "aha" moments, and ask any questions that you may have.

I'll be checking the group routinely & answer questions there so that everyone can see my answer. If you have a question, chances are likely that someone else has a similar one.

I also want to encourage you to interact with one another in the group. Having a community & support system can be really valuable.


What are the Monthly LIVE Guidance Q&As for?

These will serve as an intentional group coaching call where I will intuitively answer your questions in real-time & assist you in overcoming any challenges, blockages or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back along your personal journey.

What you can expect:


What you put into this experience, is what you get out of it; meaning that, it is up to your willingness & effort to journey inward, apply the teachings to your own life by taking consistent action and fully integrating all that you learn. * Turn knowledge into wisdom*


Things you may experience:


More self love & empowerment


A deeper understanding of who you are at soul level & what you’re truly capable of


A greater awareness of your blind spots that have held you back in different areas of your life


Learn why it’s important to heal from your past & how to heal yourself


Discover what your unique needs are, how to start putting yourself first & stop spreading yourself thin


Acknowledging all areas of your life, discover which ones have room for improvement & growth, as well as gain awareness around which areas are already thriving


Discover what’s blocking you from experiencing the life you’ve always dreamt of living


Recognize why the same issues in your life seem to always repeat themselves & how to put a stop to those patterns


Cultivate the confidence & strength to let go of everything that’s holding you back from experiencing the life you’ve always dreamt of living

Are you ready to rediscover who you truly are

& create the reality that your soul deeply craves?

One-time Payment of $555


2 Payments of $277.50


This program is designed to support you in fully understanding your deeper truths and core values.

This program is designed to help shed light on your blindspots and provide you with tools to create change in your life that your soul deeply craves. This program is not intended to diagnose or treat mental disorders. This program is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment.

Results may vary, and are not guaranteed. Results will be based on your individual capacity, experience, dedication, motivation and level of desire for your inner transformation. There are no guarantees concerning the level of happiness and success you may experience. You agree to take complete responsibility for yourself and how you choose to utilize the knowledge, wisdom and tools provided throughout this program to create your inner transformation. What you put into this experience, is what you will get out of it. There are no refunds. Once you have registered for this program, whether you pay in full or choose the 2 monthly payments option, you will still be billed accordingly even if you decide to stop attending the program.


Although we do our best to provide the most accurate guidance & insight, there are no guarantees in the results you experience. Results vary to the degree in which you choose to utilize the guidance provided from your readings & 1:1 soul journeys. There is no guarantee of happiness or success, your experience will depend on your level of commitment to your self development, discipline, motivation & level of desire.

© 2019 by Valene Evanciew