The purpose of my readings are to assist you in understanding who you are at soul level, illuminating your shadows & anything that may be hindering your growth & evolution, what your purpose is in this lifetime & aligning you with your soul's highest path.

These offerings will serve you best if you are committed to your soul's journey & treat self care as a priority because you understand how important it is to fill up your own cup before you can help fill up other's.

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Personal Video Reading

Personal Video Readings are perfect if you're seeking clarity in a particular area of your life, to gain assistance in creating the most positive outcome along your highest path.


After you purchase your Reading, please send me a brief summary of what's going on for you and one specific question that you would like to receive guidance upon.

I will record a 15-20 minute Video of your Reading & deliver it to you via the email you make your purchase with.


Please expect your Personal Video Reading to be delivered within 3-5 business days.

Pick-A-Card Timestamps:

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Pile #2: 20:46

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Soul Conscious Reading

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Soul Conscious Readings are held via Skype where we will connect for 60 minutes to delve into any areas of your life that you seek guidance for, to assist you in aligning with your highest path.


I can connect with Spirit to channel guidance in:



Career/Soul Purpose


Personal Development


& so much more!


Although we do our best to provide the most accurate guidance & insight, there are no guarantees in the results you experience. Results vary to the degree in which you choose to utilize the guidance provided from your readings & 1:1 soul journeys. There is no guarantee of happiness or success, your experience will depend on your level of commitment to your self development, discipline, motivation & level of desire.

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