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Engagement Photography
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Behind every photo lies a story worth capturing.

Hey! I'm Valene

a photographer with 13+ years of experience & mastery in photographing couples, families, seniors, elopement weddings, spiritual retreats & branding for conscious entrepreneurs who run heart-based businesses!

More importantly, I am a human being who loves hiking with friends, camping at the edge of a roaring river with my partner, waking up with the sunrise, & spending time with my fur babies, Baya & Zooey.

I have a wild imagination & genuinely appreciate the simple things in life like deep conversations beneath starry skies.

Yoga & meditation keep me grounded, and spending time in nature inspires my creativity.

My dedication to my own mental & emotional health over the years has created a much stronger drive & passion to infuse all of my work with more purpose & intention.

I'm not about stiff, awkward poses because those completely negate the entire purpose of documenting this chapter of your life.

I find it highly important to get to know my clients on a deeper level so that I can deliver not only beautiful photos, but create an experience that fully encompasses the essence of each of my unique clients & who they truly are!

At the end of the day, my goal is to get you laughing and having so much fun that you forget about the camera & the fact that we’re even taking photos at all!

Engagement Photographer

We'll make a great fit if:

You love the outdoors & don't mind getting a little dirty or letting your hair blow in the wind!


You love depth, transparency & vulnerability more than surface level things!


You want photos that truly reflect who you are!


You want photos that capture how the day felt, including all of the candid, silly and in-between moments!


You prefer a more relaxed session infused with fun & adventure rather than stiff poses.

Engagement Photography

What people are saying

Branding Photography

I just wanted to give a BIG thanks to Valene for her AMAZING work.


Valene came in for an entire weekend retreat I was running to basically document the entire thing.


Her work was outstanding. Professional, VERY high quality, and most importantly, she was able to really tune into the overall energy of the group and beautifully capture the excitement, joy, and MAGIC experienced at the retreat. The way she would capture someone's genuine smile when their face lit up, or the way she would perfectly complement a group photo with the background of the colorful Sedona mountains,  or the way she would help people (me!) loosen up so she could get some good shots was very impressive and demonstrated her mastery in this field. 


Valene is one of those people that is doing exactly what she was put here to do and I am forever grateful that she was able to come share her gifts with me and everyone involved in the retreat.


Thanks again Valene!



Victor Oddo   |   TX, USA

Valene is a super talented photographer! Not only did she make us feel at home, but did such a great job at capturing the true soul of our relationship. We have never been photographed professionally before and didn't know what to expect. Valene made it so easy and so fun. It was like hanging out with a close friend who wanted to snap a few quick pics for prosperities sake.... except they were epic!!! With a few intuitive prompts and a keen eye for detail, Valene was able to position us physically and emotionally to capture the depths of the essence of our love. We both felt so incredibly comfortable which is quite a feat given the intimate nature of the session's goal. If you're ready to capture yourself with eyes beyond what you can imagine for yourself with ease and fun, then we both highly recommend working with Valene! Also, her personality is SO pleasant to be around thus adding to the comfort & fun level.


Priyanka Daisy & CC Rose  |  AZ, USA

Engagement Shoot
Womens Empowerment

Valene is a beautiful soul and I felt very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her to create everything I desired for my photo shoot. She is from the heart through and through and puts the utmost best in her timely responses, suggestions and creative art. What made the experience even more meaningful was her intuitive guidance, and loving- kindness to fully understand my journey and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine I grew into. I felt comfortable in speaking and being my vulnerable self, sharing my Faith, journey, wisdom and path – and her creative gift of the Lens beautifully encompassed it all. I felt safe and loved in her presence. Thanks to her receptive energy, she actually made me Smile a lot more on camera, opened me up and allowed me to come into my personal freedom. I would definitely recommend working with her because I sure intend to continue seeking her special skills!


Andrea A. Jackson  |  NJ, USA

Valene adds to the magic of the event that you are seeking to capture. She has still framed the most special moments of my family’s life. Valene has a calm no-pressure presence which results in the most beautifully authentic pictures. Our Wanderlust leather bound photo books remain on our coffee table and have been a source of many wonderful conversations. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants a true professional to create a customized & charming photography experience.

Heather H.  |  NY, USA

Couples Photography

Working with Valene on a creative photo shoot was an absolute joy! My partner and I requested a very specific and artistic

session with a set vision in mind. Valene was friendly, communicative, and excited about the session from our initial contact. Scheduling was easy, and an appointment was set in a very timely manner. She was in contact building up to the session in regards to timing, setting, logistics, etc.
The actual photo shoot was a blast!! The session was structured enough to accommodate all of our requests, yet flowed seamlessly and did not feel rushed. During the shoot, it was abundantly clear how much time and energy she invested into posing ideas and inspirations. She made both of us feel completely at ease in front of her lens, despite how uncomfortable that can potentially be. Valene has a unique artistic eye, and excels in catching aesthetically pleasing angles, lighting, and poses.
The photo reveal was phenomenal! She did a wonderful job editing and compiling our photos into a beautiful slideshow. Our original vision was surpassed and these photos exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds! Valene was able to capture the essence of our relationship on film, and that is a gift not all photographers are blessed with. Thank you so much Valene for capturing our unique vision and helping us create memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime! It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and we are looking forward to our next session with you!

Susan D.   |   NY, USA

What to Expect

Booking: Upon inquiring, we'll schedule a time to chat either over the phone or Zoom. This is an important part of my process (& my clients) so that we can get to know each other and make sure we're both feeling those good vibes about working together; this is a must if you're looking for the best experience possible!

This also gives us a chance to share in your vision & start to create plans to bring it to life! Together, we'll choose the perfect location & time of day that will reflect who you are and what you’re all about so that you can effortlessly connect with the present moment and forget that we’re even taking photos all together!

A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to lock in your session date.

Remaining balance is due 14 days prior to session date.

Day Of Your Session | What it's like Working with me: Now, I know what you're thinking.. "I feel super awkward in front of the camera.. what do I do with my hands?!?" Don't worry, I've got you covered! At least 90% of my clients tell me this, and if you've already taken a look at the photos above, you'll see they don't look awkward at all!

It's my job to make you feel comfortable, break that awkward barrier & draw out your genuine personalities. I'll guide you along & give you direction, ask tons of questions, get you talking & laughing, & capture your responses in the moment!

All that is required of you is to just show up open, honest & ready to have fun, and you'll be great!

After Your Session: Since all of my clients have their own unique needs & desires, the time in which you receive your photos will vary from session to session. However, Portrait Sessions (e.g. Couples, Families, Seniors & Boudoir) typically take me 2-3 weeks to edit. Events such as Spiritual Retreats, Branding & Elopements may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

I'm very much a QUALITY over quantity kind of lady, meaning that I pay extra attention to detail (throughout my entire process, not just editing) & I purposely space my sessions apart so that I can focus on one client at a time to deliver the best experience & final images possible! The only time I might stack up sessions is when I'm traveling &/or shooting Spiritual Retreats/Events; in this case I will let you know before you book/schedule your session!


Portrait Photographer

Portrait Sessions


Couples  |  Families  |  Seniors  |  Boudoir


1 hour session
2 hours of travel

Final images starting at 80 photos

1 Slideshow for viewing your session

1 Private Online Gallery with high-res photos


Investment starts at $700


30 minutes of coverage

2 hours of travel

Final images starting at 40 photos

1 Slideshow for viewing your session

1 Private Online Gallery with high-res photos


Investment starts at $500

Proposal Photography

4 hours of coverage

4 hours of travel

Final images starting at 150 photos

1 Slideshow for viewing your session

1 Private Online Gallery with high-res photos


Investment starts at $1,500


Branding for the heart-based Entrepreneur


For the visionaries & way-showers who are here to make the world a better place! If you’re a serviced based business, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it; and photos are (in my own opinion) the perfect way to share your authenticity & soul’s essence. Together, we’ll create a portrait session that embodies all of who you are, the core values of your soul business & the medicine you’re here to share!

2 hour session

2 hours of travel

Final images starting at 110 photos

1 Private Online Gallery with high-res photos

1 Slideshow for viewing your session


Investment starts at $1,100

Branding Photographer
Retreat Event Photographer

Spiritual Retreats & Events


As an Intuitive Healer who's not only attended but hosted several of my own spiritual retreats; I work with my clients similarly to the way in which you work with yours! I fully understand the sensitive nature of these kinds of events, and I have the awareness to discern what's appropriate vs. what's too personal to capture. I find it highly important to be just as much of an active participant as I am an independent contractor, in order to build trust with everyone who attends. I have a rich history of experiences & wisdom that I'm always open & eager to share, which only adds to the group dynamic!

My intention is to honor your soul's calling & highest expression as a conscious leader, assist you in holding space and creating a safe & sacred container, and document the essence & vibe of the unique medicine you're sharing with the world!


Travel & hours of coverage TBD

Final images starting at 110 total photos

1 Private Online Gallery with high-res photos

1 Slideshow for viewing your session


Investment starts at $1,100


All sessions & events require a 50% non-refundable retainer to book.

Remaining balance is due 14 days prior to session date.

Additional coverage, travel & prints are available for an additional cost.


Whether this is an exciting chapter of your life..

or simply a season you hope to never forget..


your story is worth preserving!

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