Strengthen your intuition & unlock your psychic abilities.

The Universe is always speaking to you, you just have to get present enough to listen.

As humans & eternal beings of light, we were all created with intuition & the ability to see beyond the 5 senses. We’re immortal souls living a temporary physical experience. Our human body is simply a vehicle housing our soul which has a direct connection to spirit & all that is.


Many ponder the meaning of life & what our purpose is; in order to truly discover our unique purpose in life, we must come into alignment with our Higher Selves and follow the intuitive hunches given from Spirit, guiding us along our highest path.


If you are ready to understand your unique gifts & abilities, the many ways Spirit speaks to you daily, and fully trust in your intuition to live a more divinely guided life, I invite you to join us in an eye opening experience in one of the most spiritually charged vortexes in the US for 4 days of deep transformation & connect with your soul sisters you have yet to meet in this lifetime!


January 9-12, 2020

Taking place during the Cancer Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse when the veil is at it's thinnest.

Check-In: Thursday 3pm   Check-Out: Sunday 1pm

I'm Valene

Read more of my story here.

as a highly sensitive empath, clairvoyant & channel for Spirit, I'm very passionate about assisting women in re-membering who they truly are & what they came here to do.


Throughout my childhood, I was always attuned to Spirit & unseen forces of energy. I endured a lot of out-of-body experiences, heard unexplainable voices & conversations, and often interacted with spirits, some good and some not so good. I always felt like I knew way too much for my age. Unfortunately, no matter who I tried to tell my experiences to, none ever believed me and told me that it was just my imagination.


I often found myself always talking about aliens, ghosts and other far out topics that no kids my age were ever open to, and had a really hard time making friends and fitting in at school.


Fast forward to around 11 years old, I was on the cusp of entering middle school while my parents were going through their divorce, and I found myself overwhelmed by my gifts and essentially "shut them off".


All throughout middle & high school, I turned to bad crowds, drugs and alcohol in attempt to escape reality. I experienced an incredible amount of anxiety & depression and did whatever I could to fit in somewhere even if it went completely against my better judgement.


As I transitioned into adulthood, this looming cloud of misalignment followed me throughout my 20's, leading me to dead end jobs, relationships and addictions that made my anxiety & depression even worse.


It wasn't until my spiritual awakening in late 2016, that I finally started to recognize that there was far more to life than I'd been taught to believe. I finally started listening to my intuition, making choices that aligned with my heart & soul, and ultimately lead me to energetic freedom, soul alignment & a deep connection with the Spirit world.


Today, I live a divinely guided life. Always listening in to those subtle nudges from my Higher Self & Spirit Team, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that my purpose is to assist women in trusting in their intuition & abilities to live a divinely guided life too.


is a free spirit that resides in Central New York where she has lived her whole life. She is a graduate with her BA in psychology from SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

While studying psychology she began to learn the importance of all areas of health: mind, body & spirit. She had practiced yoga sporadically during college but it wasn't until her last semester that it became apparent how much she was lacking in all areas of her health, this is where her journey began. She started practicing daily, sometimes multiple times a day but still something was missing. Knowing that she needed to expand her practice and share the benefits with others, she decided to spread her wings and soar through the journey of becoming a yoga instructor.

Following a month long intensive training, she received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Sacred Voyage Yoga School in January 2016.

After her Yoga Teacher Training Program Bianca founded
Full Lotus Yoga Studio in Rome, NY where she offers various styles of yoga all emphasizing mind, body, spirit connection.

Since founding Full Lotus, Bianca has continued her love of learning through course studies of Core Yoga/Pilates, Reiki I, II & III, Thai Yoga Bodywork and Feminine Power. All which have assisted her in the transformation of her life and in guiding the transformation of others.

Check out her work here.

Your Stay

  • Sunrise Yoga

  • Desert Meditations

  • Intention Setting Workshops

  • Intuition Workshops

  • Psychic Abilities Workshops

  • Release Ceremonies

  • Star Gazing

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Joshua Tree National Park Adventure

  • Group Photos & Portraits

  • Shared Accommodations

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Hot Tub/Hammocks/Relaxation

  • Connection with like minded souls

What to Pack:
  • Comfortable Clothing (high 60* low 30*)

  • Shoes for Adventures

  • Yoga Mat

  • Bathing Suit

  • Toiletries

  • Sunscreen

  • Journal & Pen

  • Metaphysical Tools (optional)

  • Items to Release (optional)

  • Open Mind & Heart (required ;))

Travel not included
Only 5 spaces available!

Energy Exchange


If you're interested in a private Energy Healing session with Bianca, please leave a note at check-out of your ticket purchase.

30 min Energy Healing session $40