Hey there!

I'm Valene

a multifaceted human who loves hiking, camping, star gazing, sun bathing & adventuring with my two cats, Baya & Zooey.

I've been a photographer for a little over 11 years and started my soul business as a Clairvoyant & retreat leader in early 2019.

Both of my businesses are built on soul connections, without them, the work I share, simply wouldn't make any sense.

I recently started a Youtube channel where I share Pick-A-Card Readings, Energy Updates & other Spiritual related topics.

My soul's purpose is to assist others in discovering their deep inner truth & encourage them to follow their highest path.

My artistic purpose is to document real, tender moments between two or more souls.

If you dig my vibe & want to discover more, there are plenty of ways to connect with me below!

Pick-A-Card Reading

How Others Perceive You


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