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for those seeking a deeper connection with their Soul's highest potential

Soul Embodiment Coaching


Hey, I'm Valene

Healer Life Coach

a highly empathic soul, who lives an intuitively guided life directed by the freedom & truth seeking spirit of my Higher Self. My soul’s mission is to connect with & embody the wild, rebellious, unapologetically authentic & fully expressed version of myself, to experience the truest expression of my soul & life’s purpose.

I share a deep connection with nature, and my dedication to Earth Medicine practices since 2016 has helped me to heal my body, mind, emotions & spirit, as well as strengthening the connection to my intuition.

Transforming through many initiations & rites of passage, I've learned the importance of maintaining my spiritual practice in the journey of self mastery & aligning with my destiny. Following my deep inner wisdom has led me to take many leaps of faith into the unknown to pioneer a new path that’s aligned with my heart & soul’s passions.

With 13+ years of experience as a Photographer, my artistic expression has brought out my natural ability to see the highest potential of others. As someone who is incredibly observant, open & receptive to the magic & beauty found in the simplest moments, I've increasingly become more adaptable & appreciative of the ever changing & evolving cycles of life.

As an Intuitive Soul Guide & Clairvoyant, it is my purpose & honor to hold sacred space for those who sense a deeper meaning & purpose in this life. Through Vision Quest offerings & Retreats, I guide & support my clients through their inner healing & transformations, while simultaneously assisting my clients in discovering their deep inner truth, connecting with their intuition & trusting the divinely inspired callings of their heart & soul.

My goal is to help my clients cultivate unconditional love & acceptance within themselves, to recognize their fullest potential, and to ultimately help my clients feel 100% worthy, whole & complete in who they are & what they wish to create for themselves.

My Intentions:

are to hold a safe & sacred container to assist you in:

connecting with your own intuition & the eternally wise sage that already resides within you.


receive direct & clear communication & divinely inspired ideas from your heart, soul & higher self.


connect with the natural rhythm of your body’s wisdom & learn how to balance your masculine & feminine energies.


gain mental clarity & emotional balance.


connect with your innate power to communicate & fully express your deepest truths with unshakable confidence & authenticity.

live with intention & presence.


learn how to treat yourself with unconditional love & acceptance.


learn to own your voice & express your needs & desires in a heart centered way.


strengthen your personal relationships; create deeper, more understanding, accepting & loving bonds with those you care about.


open yourself up to receive the unlimited potential opportunities & blessings that are constantly surrounding you.


My offerings are for you if:

you are highly motivated & committed to your inner work, personal growth & self development.


you desire a deeper connection with your intuition & internal compass.


you’re ready & willing to create powerful shifts in all areas of your life.


you desire to become the highest potential version of yourself.


you desire to live, breath & experience your most authentic life, & take inspired action towards your goals & dreams!

Vision Quest Sessions

A combination of Intuitive Healing & Soul Embodiment Coaching. 

As an Intuitive & Clairvoyant, these Sessions are designed to not only get a clear Reading on what your soul desires, but also assist you in healing and overcoming the challenges & subconscious patterns that have been holding you back from experiencing your dream life!

You know.. the one that you've imagined over & over for years, maybe even decades, yet you keep telling yourself "someday"..

That day can be today, you just have to choose it.

My Intentions are:


To meet you exactly where you are.

To provide a safe & sacred space for you to feel seen, heard, loved, understood & supported.


To connect on a soul level & assist you in exploring your unique inner realms.

To understand the changes & transformations your Soul is ready to make.

To be a clear Channel for Divine Healing & Soul Coaching.

To assist you in overcoming self sabotage & subconscious patterns that have kept you feeling stuck.

To ask powerfully intuitive questions to guide you to your own intuition, to receive both clarity & inspiration on your next steps.

And to empower you to fully trust & follow your intuition, in making new, healthy & aligned choices in the direction of your Soul's growth & dreams!

Betsy Heros-1929RT.jpg

"Valene is a beautiful channel for healing—the High Priestess personified! She brought an unconditionally-loving, keenly intelligent, and deeply intuitive presence to her healing/coaching work with me. As she gently guided me inward, I felt completely safe and held, which allowed me to access the vulnerable parts of myself. Thanks to her adept direction and high-vibrating spirit,  I was able to make a powerful connection to my higher self and release lingering blocks to intimacy. Valene asked me excellent questions that revealed her astute perceptions, and offered spot-on psychic insights that were additionally healing for my heart and mind. 


It’s clear to me that Valene is doing the work she came here to do! If you get the chance to work with her, consider yourself blessed.  Rarely do you find such a beautiful spirit along with the wisdom, soul guide experience, and intuitive gifts to match.  Valene has it all.  I highly recommend working with her—her work is exquisite!"

Betsy G. | CA, USA

Choose the package that supports your unique needs & desires!

We experience transformation through small, gradual shifts, which is why I offer monthly packages over single sessions.


My intention is to share my time & energy helping those who are serious, ready & committed to making massive changes in the direction of their Soul's highest path!

Healing Coaching

3 Months


90 Minute Sessions


6 total sessions

+ Email Support

Healing Coaching

6 Months


90 Minute Sessions


12 total sessions

+ Email Support

Healing Coaching

12 Months


90 Minute Sessions


24 total sessions

+ Email Support

Monthly Payment Plans are available upon request!

Want to try before you buy?

I'm currently offering 1 FREE - 60 minute Intuitive Healing & Soul Embodiment Coaching session per person in exchange for a testimonial! 

Contact me below to schedule your FREE session!

"Valene is amazing. She is a gifted coach and her intuitive, sensitive listening skills have supported me through some professional challenges and huge shifts. Val's positive energy has helped me to make choices from a place of optimism instead of fear which has had a powerful impact on my relationships and career path. I highly, and without reservation recommend Valene to anyone seeking to improve their professional and personal life skills."

Heather H. | NY, USA


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