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As a highly sensitive empath, I've always been attuned to unseen forces & higher states of consciousness, but "shut off" my psychic gifts at around 11 years old due to the fact that I had no one to talk to about my communication with passed loved ones, as well as the frightening amounts of out-of-body experiences I endured as a child.

I always tried to fit in throughout middle & high school, often making choices that went against what I intuitively knew to be true, which led me to years of depression & loneliness.

Years into adulthood, in late 2016, I found myself in a tumultuous relationship, a job I absolutely hated, addiction and alcohol dependency, until one day I thought to myself "there's gotta be more to life than this". Once I woke up to the volatile reality I had created for myself, I knew it was time to set out on a quest of seeking truth and clarity.


Not long into my awakening, I began working with a Non Dual Kabbalistic Healer who helped me uncover childhood wounding that played a significant role in how I was experiencing life as an adult. As my path to healing unfolded, I spent much of my time in nature connecting with the earth elements and my higher self. Through independent studies and following my intuition, I was divinely guided to discover the perfect resources at just the right time to further my growth and expansion.

In November 2017, I quit my soul-sucking job, flew out to California five days later & attended a retreat in Joshua Tree, where I met & formed deep connections with like hearted souls from all walks of life. I hadn't realized it at the time, but listening to my intuition & creating a catalyst for such a big change in my life was a huge turning point on my spiritual journey. One of the instructors, Jennifer Sodini, taught a series of workshops, assisting us in unlocking our psychic abilities through a series of ancient techniques. On our third day there, just hours after visiting the Integratron for a sound healing, Jenn & I were paired up to practice 20 minutes of eye gazing.

Sitting on a Mexican blanket behind a random sofa in the hot desert sun, I kept asking internally "who are you?". Minutes into our practice, Jenn's eyes began to turn into a hazy grayish blue, a set of eyes I've seen many times before. Once I moved through the resistance of needing to understand what I was experiencing & just focused on my breath, it was in that moment I realized I had just made contact with my grandmother for the first time in over 8 years since her passing. As the 20 minutes came to a close, Jenn asked "so tell me what did you experience?" I said "I'm not quite sure if I did this right, but for some reason I saw my grandma's eyes in yours". Jenn instantly burst into tears & said "I didn't want you to think that I was summoning spirits, but the entire time we locked eyes, I kept hearing grandmother". She then went on to tell me all about my childhood, life as a teenager, an adult & how I always felt like I was perceived by everyone around me. That was the very day, life as I once knew it, changed forever.

Upon returning home, my thirst for knowledge was at a record high, which led me to exploring moon magic, esoteric arts & the occult. At the start of 2018, I created a solid daily routine consisting of yoga, meditation, journaling & ecstatic dance, which helped me to cultivate discipline, confidence & the energetic bandwidth that was needed in order to take my healing journey to the next level. Throughout my journey I've worked with many teachers, mentors & healers, collecting knowledge & wisdom from all corners of the world. Over the course of two years I healed decades of shame, guilt, fear & unresolved traumas & emotions that I had carried with me since birth.

In the latter half of 2018 & early 2019, I practiced the art of letting go & released myself of everything that no longer served my highest path. As soon as I created energetic space in my life, I sensed a deep calling toward understanding & utilizing my intuitive abilities. And just as the Universe always provides, I was led to Gifted Experts where I received my certificate as a clairvoyant & channel for Spirit.

Fast forward to 2020, my best friend, Bianca Johnson & I, have now facilitated 2 Embodying Your True Essence retreats, helping women to heal & release old traumas, emotions, karmic patterns & limiting beliefs, assisting them in creating more aligned & happier lives for themselves.

This past January I also hosted an Intuition & Psychic Abilities retreat, to help women understand & unlock their gifts, assisting them in trusting in their deep inner knowing & experiencing more divinely guided lives.

I now understand fully that I was put here on this earth to help others from having to go through the same struggles I've had to face & having to learn everything the hard way. I know without a shadow of a doubt my purpose is to help raise higher consciousness on our planet by spreading every bit of knowledge and wisdom I've collected thus far along my path.

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Episode 75: Spirit Journeys

What it's like growing up with intuitive gifts as a child, awakening to psychic abilities as an adult, the different clair's and many ways they come through, and what it's like working with Spirit.

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Although I do my best to provide the most accurate insight & guidance, results are not guaranteed, meaning, results are dependent upon how much you are willing to commit to your inner work. What you put into this experience, is what you will get out of it. There is no guarantee of happiness or success, your experience will depend on your level of commitment to your self development, discipline, motivation & level of desire.

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